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 Solar Financing Overview

Financing Options For Any StarPak Project

Solar Financing Options for Any Commercial Solar Project


A successful solar project benefits from careful consideration of financing options.  StarPak Group has the expertise to help you find the best approach to assure your unique solar energy project delivers the greatest total savings on energy costs over the life of your system.





Here are three common financing methods for business, institutional, and residential customers:
  • Cash Purchase
  • Solar Loans
  • Shared Savings


Below are some basics and example profiles to help you make your decision

Cash Purchase

The is typically the simplest of paths for our customers. If you have available capital and can benefit from accelerated depreciation and tax credits, purchasing your StarPak system outright is often the best option. Ownership provides the greatest total energy cost savings on energy over the life of the system, and payback/ROI calculations are simple.

Solar Loans

StarPak Group or third party financing grants your organization the power to purchase solar energy on a monthly basis, often involving a modest downstroke.  You benefit from upfront incentives (which usually exceed the down payment), while your ongoing monthly utility savings exceed the monthly loan repayment.  Thus, financing typically can result in immediate and ongoing positive cashflow.

Many regions across the nation can also benefit from Property Assesessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, which offers generous loans terms tied to the property itself, not the property owner. For more information on the great opportunity, please contact a StarPak representative.

Shared Savings (applies to deals over $200,000)

This option involves zero investment from you, either upfront or ongoing.  Certain StarPak financing sources are willing to fund the entire investment, take the upfront incentives, and be repaid over 60, 72, or 84 months—with zero repayment dollars out of pocket. Instead, the front cost is repaid only from the energy savings we actually deliver.  That is literally putting our money where our mouth is.  At the end of those months, the system ownership  and the entire following stream of utility savings is yours.