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Case Studies

StarPak group has been saving people money on utility bills since 1983.

Here are some of our more recent StarPak  System Installations.


Project:    18950 Northline Road, Southgate, MI —  Comfort Suites Southgate

Comfort Suites Southgate

Project Details:

Problem: The hotel owner was overusing natural gas to heat his domestic water and the pool. Additionally, city water used to fill the pool was simply dumped down the drain and wasted when done.

Solution: StarPak installed a solar thermal array on the roof, heating the incoming city water and the hotel’s pool. Excess heat was stored in StarPak’s AtmoStorage© Tank for additional heating.


  • 70% reduction in natural gas use
  • 50% reduction in water consumption
  • A payback of 16 months (factoring in the 30% federal tax credit plus substantial utility rebates totaling another 20% of the initial cost that StarPak was able to procure)

The hotel owner was later interviewed by CBS reporter Matt Roush regarding his location’s utility savings.


Project:    1660 Weatherstone Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

Weatherstone Condo

Project Details:

Problem: Weatherstone Condominium Association wanted to reduce their utility bills by going solar for their domestic water, pool, and spa. Typically StarPak installs solar thermal panels on the roof, but do to strict regulations and objections from the condo board members, we were not able too.

Solution: StarPak installed the panels on a nearby sloping lawn, rendering the virtually invisible to meet the needs of the board members.

Results: Natural gas consumption was drastically reduced, leading to less than a 3 year payback.


Project:    1301 Laurelview Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

1301 Laurelview Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

Project Details:

Problem: Another beautiful Ann Arbor condominium complex was struggling with the maintenance costs of their outdoor pool.

Solution: As seen in the picture above, StarPak installed 10 of our solar thermal panels on the southern roof, capable of heating both the pool and incoming city water.

Results: The condo was very pleased with the results, which was a noticeable reduction in heating costs with under a 3 year payback.


Project:    5757 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI

5757 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI

Project Details:

Problem: Heating upkeep for this large residential house with an indoor pool in the basement (not seen above) was a strain on the owner’s wallet.

Solution: StarPak installed 7 solar thermal panels on the southern roof of the house, out of view from the ground. Additionally, we offered our patented pool cover that drastically reduced heat loss during the cold winter months.

Results: The system was able to successfully provide significant pool and water heating. Also, we were able to take advantage of the basement pool’s heat loss and space heat the entire house, reducing natural gas consumption by nearly 60%. The result was a payback of just over 2 years.


Project:    930 Greenhills Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

930 Greenhills Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

Project Details:

Problem: This Ann Arbor apartment complex was struggling with the maintenance costs of a large pool, and all residents were starting to feel the burden.

Solution: StarPak was able to install two dozen solar thermal panels on the north-facing roof of the complex, successfully hidden from ground view.

Results: As with all of our solar thermal panel installations, we were able to drastically reduce the cost of domestic water and pool heating for the complex. The payback was just over 2 years, and the apartment building has been reaping the savings ever since.


Project: 8195 Industrial Boulevard , Covington, GA – Bard Medical Division

Bard Pharm Georgia

Project Details: 

Problem: Bard Medical is a pharmaceuticals plant located outside of Georgia. Due to the heavy concentration of airborne chemicals, they were having difficulties meeting the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) requirements mandated by the state. Moreover, heating and cooling a facility of this size has a huge cost, and Bard was financially stressed.

Solution: StarPak installed 9 ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) units that each filtered 2,000 cubic feet per minute.


  • Air was filtered out at a much greater rate, drastically improving the IAQ
  • Heat exchange efficiency was increased to around 85%
  • The installation had an ROI of 33%, with a payback of just over 3 years


Project: 15700-15800 Providence Drive, Southfield, MI – Diplomat & Embassy Towers Apartments

Diplomat & Embassy Towers Apartments

Project Details:

Problem: Both apartment buildings were using electricity to heat their indoor pools and incoming domestic hot water. Because of the high cost of water heating using electricity rather than natural gas, they were in a financial bind.

Solution: StarPak installed our liquid to liquid heat exchanger in addition to a natural gas boiler system.


  • Electricity costs were reduced by nearly 70%
  • Installation had a 225% ROI and only took 5 months to payback