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Why should facilities look at renewable?
  • Fossil energy is expensive to operate
  • Fossil equipment runs very hot and is expensive to maintain
  • Fossil fuel is destroying our natural eco-system
  • Fossil is very expensive to replace

Why should your facility be chained to this endless merry-go-round of fossil fuel negatives?

StarPak Renewable Energy Systems eliminate these costly fossil fuel annoyances.

Retrofitting Established Buildings
  • StarPak can retrofit any building for up to 100% renewable, free from fossil fuel, generating high ROI / rapid payback.
  • When financed, StarPak retrofit systems can generate immediate positive cashflow.
  • Huge tax credits and other upfront subsidies for our products of up to 50% the cost.
  • The sale and rental values of any retrofitted building becomes noticeably higher. Often the value of your building will increase more than the cost of the system itself.






New Construction – Design|Build Smart Space Seamlessly
  • For new construction, StarPak’s renewable systems allow outright deletion of “supposedly necessary” fossil equipment.
  • Fully renewable, fully independent StarPak-powered buildings — with all the same amenities and features as their fossil counterparts — no ongoing utility costs.
  • This goes for residential, commercial, institutional, entire campuses, and entire new towns.
  • Owners get all upfront incentives in cash.
  • And with zero heating & cooling bills, the building’s value increase equals roughly 10 times the annual utility savings.
  • Smart Space.  StarPak Cube© Systems built in from the get-go brings Beauty, Productivity, Efficiency, Affordability, and Longevity.