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PV Misting System

PV Misting System  

Solar photovoltaic (PV) owners need help and StarPak has the cure.  Peak output PV claims assume that the PV panel temperatures are 80 degrees Fahrenheit during summertime periods of noon to 2 PM, which rarely is the case. Roofs are routinely 140 degrees F or higher at such times. At these temperatures, the PV panels lose roughly 20% of their stated output.  StarPak’s patented misting systems work like ‘sweat on skin’:  very small amounts of water misted onto PV panels will instantly drop temperatures, from 140 degrees F down to ambient.  Thus, PV efficiency in summertime hours soars.


Additional Benefits

  • During the winter, the very same StarPak system can be used to remove accumulations of snow.
  • In the remaining seasons, the misting system can be used as a cleaning agent to remove dust, grime, and any other matter that may reduce panel efficiency.
  • Cooled panels are proven to have longer life spans than those constantly subjected to high temperatures, therefore decreasing replacement intervals.