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StarPak Product Applications

Almost everyone can benefit from our StarPak products, below are some of the very best applications we have found…


1. Pool Owners

  •  1a)  Enjoying your pool is way easier when heat is free.  StarPak harvests free solar energy for your pool all year round with our patented solar thermal panels.
  •  1b)  Kids off to college.  Pool going unused.  Time to fill it in?  You’re about to learn that decommissioning a pool can cost $8,000 to $10,000.  There is a better future for it:  it can be a free storage tank for your powerful new StarPak Cube System.

 2.  Donors and Foundations

There is only one hands-down best way to donate to your Alma Mater, church or synagogue, or local Y.  Only one way to make your gift count so powerfully that it can be considered “A Donation on Steroids” and that way is the StarPak way.  Donating a renewable energy project to your chosen non-profits building is the Very Best Way to permanently help your donee and yourself.  Ask StarPak for details.


3.  Many Universities, have published presidential commitments to go renewable and become ‘net zero’ –

Everyone eagerly awaits a determined follow through.  Concessionary minor initiatives don’t cut it.  The time to act on this initiative is now, and StarPak has the solution.


4.  Federal Buildings With Net Zero Mandates

Federal Buildings must reduce fossil energy usage and increase renewable energy usage every year.  Every Federal Building has fallen short.  Only one Group can swiftly and conclusively meet a full decade’s worth of goal in a single year.  Next Year.  That Group is StarPak Group.


5.  Facilities far from natural gas lines, where heating fuel is TRIPLE in cost – farms, resorts, second homes, and more. 

With gas prices being much higher in these areas, heating has become quite the burden. StarPak’s combination of solar thermal intake and on-site storage is the answer. Do not rely on expensive heating techniques, allow StarPak to help you become heating independent.


6.  Existing PV solar electric, array owners

You invested big in PV, but performance lags.  StarPak knows how your array can achieve its promised peak output.  StarPak’s PV retrofit package cleanly, inexpensively and simply boosts PV performance.