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About Us

StarPak Group 

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Who We Are
  • A full-service energy systems integrator with over 35 years of experience helping clients produce, recover, and deploy energy onsite
  • We create innovative, high-performing, customized solutions to address specific client needs
  • We assist clients from the initial facilities audit,  to turning the key, and efficiently operating their systems


How We Work
  • We begin with a brief site visit so we thoroughly understand your systems and your goals
  • We work with your team to create innovative, high-performing, customized solutions allowing you to achieve your energy goals
  • We work closely with you to ensure that you receive the full value of all applicable incentives


StarPak Vision

At StarPak Group, our vision is to provide a 100% renewable energy system to every user, in every climate, using our unique combination of high efficiency technologies and patented solutions.