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StarPak Solutions

StarPak Systems are today’s Gold Standard in energy solutions.  We first work to eliminate building inefficiencies, and then extract energy from the sun using our patented BOSS© panels, pushing towards 100% sustainability.

Our systems are engineered for simplicity, scalability and reliability. Our innovative components possess the potential to eliminate utility bills outright, and thus boast strong returns on investment (ROI).

Every StarPak System can be built whole, or installed in phases.

How do we do it?  We collect the heat of sunlight and the chill of a winter night, and impound it in Annual Cycle Energy Storage – ACES, for you use later.

StarPak’s innovative systematic approach consists of:
  • Collection of ambient, renewable energy onsite, from sunlight and from the chill of night.
  • Energy storage in large Hot and Cold “batteries”  – storage  that can last up to 12 months.
  • Delivery heating and cooling for your existing distribution systems.


The StarPak System’s Renewable Energy Benefits and Attributes

The Cube© and Wedge© Renewable Energy System’s benefits are:

  • BOSS© Panel performs double duty – capturing solar by day and coldness by night.
  • BOSS© Panel harvests about 85% of incident solar energy but also collects heat from nearby hot attics.
  • Scalable and flexible with energy storage up to 10 million gallons.  Modular step-by-step system build up is a possibility, or you can build the entire system all at once.
  • Produces heat, air conditioning, pool & spa heat, domestic hot water, refrigeration, all from a single Cube© Platform.
  • Grid Stabilizing.  StarPak Systems provide predictable, reliable power – 24/7, night and day.