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Solar Thermal Panels

The BOSS© Panel – Binary Operating: Solar & Stellar 

The BOSS© Panel is StarPak’s Premier Energy Collection Component.

BOSS© Panel Benefits:

1)  Only known panel that works both day and night, making both hot and cold (“binary”).  It gathers heat during daylight hours (“solar”) and cools water during cold nights (“stellar”).  This adds hundreds of productive hours per year.

2)  BOSS© is the only panel available unglazed, single-glazed, double-glazed and triple-glazed.

3)  Other panels pick up sun heat only from their front side.  The BOSS©  doubles the heat transfer by channeling free steamy attic heat into the absorber plate backside.

4)  Does BOTH air heating and water heating, adding hundreds more hours per year of productive operation, while other panels sit idle.

5)  Compared to conventional panels, the BOSS© has far fewer assembly parts, is much lower in cost, and is far lighter.

6)  BOSS© is UNIVERSAL — entirely versatile both as to basic shaping (trapezoids allowed, triangles allowed) and regarding installation layout.  A 4′ × 10′ can be switched to a 10′ × 4′ in the field with zero penalty or additional costs.

7)  BOSS© reflectors use every last inch of interstitial and perimeter area to add direct solar reflective gain into, and to prevent needless wind-based convective losses from, the panels.






Panel That Works Day and Night