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The Wedge©

Wedge System

StarPak’s solar panel mounting apparatus is called The Wedge©.  With BOSS© Panels mounted on the Wedge©, a complete functioning StarPak System is created.

In Colder Climates  where summers differ sharply from winters, these BOSS + Wedge© systems are ganged together and their free renewable output is sent to annual cycle StarPak Cube© storage.

In Mild Climates (Mediterranean/coastal California/Australian) and Tropical Climates, creating winter  ice is difficult and sun intensity is fairly uniform year round.  In such climates, BOSS + Wedge© produce vast amounts of heat every day for hot water and/or pool heating, in addition to making and storing chilled water some nights for cooling the next day.

BOSS + Wedge© form a single portable unit that can be positioned anywhere on the ground or on a flat roof.  Often, BOSS + Wedge© combos can be positioned directly adjoining each fossil Roof-Top Unit (RTU), scaled to match the fossil tonnages it is replacing.


BOSS + Wedge© systems boast several key advantages:

  • Complete systems fit in a pickup truck and are compact enough to ride up a freight elevator.
  • Ultra lightweight — no cranes needed for installation.
  • Requires no roof penetration to anchor. Ballasted by its own thermal storage water.
  • Takes only 15 minutes to set up – not 2 days, as with its competitors.
  • Onboard air-to-air heat exchangers strip the energy value from stale exhausting air, introducing free heating and cooling clean make up air.
  • Easily ganged to annual cycle StarPak Cube© Storage.









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