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The Cube©

Cube© Storage

StarPak storage forms the heart of the entire Cube© System.  This centrality is simple:  several sources of free and renewable energy are flowing at different times on and through any site — solar heat, winter coldness, waste heat in flues, combustible cellulosic materials formerly deemed “solid waste”, heated water used, then dumped down the drain, and so forth.  Cube© Storage intelligently accepts ALL streams of this free energy, hot and cold, for long term storage, so it is available later when needed.

Cube© Hot + Cold Storage represents a giant battery, able to deliver heating, cooling and to generate power thermoelectrically.


Qualities of the StarPak Cube© 

Stores Free Energy  The coldness of winter can be stored until summer when it is needed for air conditioning.  The heat of summer can be likewise stored until the following winter.  The concept of annual cycle storage is ancient.  Even today, the Amish employ ice-houses filled with blocks of hand-sawn river ice to refrigerate their families’ meat and produce year-round.  Everyone’s great grandparents relied on such ice-houses, we have simply perfected the methods.

Grid-Stabilizing – Photovolatic (PV) and wind power often destabilize utility grid systems due to the erratic nature of their power production and typically boast no storage.  Installed en masse–suddenly kicking on and off–they threaten entire regions with possible blackouts.  Cube© Storage by contrast is grid-stabilizing, providing predictable, reliable energy day or night.

Scalable – Cube© Storage is completely scalable. StarPak is capable of building a Cube© System in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, meeting all of our customer’s energy needs.

Flexible Siting – Cube© Storage is large, yet can be tastefully set underground, on-ground, freestanding, or architecturally integrated into the structure it serves.

Heating and Cooling– While generating electrical power, Cube© Storage also delivers space heating, process hot water, air-conditioning, even refrigeration.  StarPak will engineer onsite, clean renewable Cube© Storage to provide 100% of such needs.


Heating,  Cooling and Electricity Generated Via StarPak Cube© Storage


How We Do It?   

Heating  is achieved by pumping hot water from the Cube© Hot Storage into StarPak fin-tubing set in your ductwork ahead of the fossil (gas or oil) burners.  Fin-tubing efficiently transfers the heat in the water to heat in the air. This pumping occurs the moment the building’s thermostat calls for heat.  With renewable heat getting first crack, the thermostat is satisfied and the gas does not need to turn on.

Cooling  is achieved the same way—icy melt water from the Cube© Cold Storage is pumped into StarPak fin-tubing when the thermostat calls for summertime air conditioning. With renewable cold set in place upstream from the conventional electric-driven A/C coils, free renewable again gets first crack, and the fossil electric system does not need to turn on.

Annual Storage Cycles   It is possible to store heat and cold for very long periods of time because of geometrics of volume.  A container gains or loses energy only on its surface area, which is a function (6s2) of the square of the side (in rectangle cubic shapes) or the radius (πr2h in cylindrical storage shapes).  Storage Volume, in contrast, increases by cubing functions (s3).  This means that as a container gets bigger, volume increases much, much faster than surface area.  Thus, heat loss in relation to volume drastically shrinks as the container gets bigger.  Large Cube© Storage of ice, frozen in winter, thus provides super-cold melt water all the following summer for air conditioning.  The same goes for hot water created in the summer — it is ready for use all winter.