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StarPak History


StarPak Group was founded in 1975 by University of Michigan students Reynold Hendrickson, Robert Wood, and James Bates:  Hendrickson in Law School, the latter two getting advanced engineering degrees.  StarPak’s first solar installation was completed July of 1975 in Haslett, MI. Within a year of opening shop, StarPak had become a statewide distributor for FAFCO, the nation’s biggest solar manufacturer.

StarPak was fortunate enough to tap into a growing market,  and in 1980 starting manufacturing their own materials. By 1983, StarPak won “Michigan Product of the Year” for its newly launched Ultrastar system and was inducted into INC 500 as one of America’s fastest-growing private firms.  By late 1985, StarPak boasted over 5,000 installations throughout the Midwest, and had begun selling in the Caribbean, including a system on the Paul McCartney Air Studios in Montserrat.

During ensuing years, StarPak principals pioneered efficient lighting retrofit, flue heat recovery, and liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger technologies.  In 2008, StarPak began a drive to achieve 100% onsite renewable solutions for all scales of facilities.  Numerous patents related to this are now filed and ready to be implemented across the country.

Today, StarPak is a collaborative of engineering, manufacturing, design, and installation. We have a growing ‘case file’ of over 5,000 successful renewable energy retrofits, including  renewably-heated and -cooled facilities in all throughout Michigan, and stretching from coast to coast. Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions across the planet by making each user an energy producer.